Email sent on 2022-12-28 to the F.B.I.

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On 2022-12-28, I sent an email to the F.B.I.

From: X. (Anonymity granted by decision of the Court)

To: [Mr. Rogalski’s username], [Mr. Manjarrez’s username]

Cc: Edward Lehman, Muyi Xiao (NYTimes), Kevin Granville (Business Editor at NYTimes), Constant Méheut (NYTimes), David Enrich (NYTimes), Michael Forsythe (NYTimes)

Bcc: Yves Strickler (French law professor)

Subject: NEW REFERENCE: USA-v-McDonalds-pattern-of-racketeering-activity

Date sent: 2022-12-28 at 14:49 Beijing time (+0800)

MY OLD REFERENCE: REF_ECTHRWATCH_1_McDonalds_frauds_and_money_laundering
MY NEW REFERENCE: USA-v-McDonalds-pattern-of-racketeering-activity

Dear Messrs. Rogalski and Manjarrez,

On April 28, 2022, 22:16 Beijing time (+0800), I sent an email to Assistant Legal Attaché Adam Rogalski to inform the FBI that I would assign the reference “REF_ECTHRWATCH_1_McDonalds_frauds_and_money_laundering” to “the case regarding the frauds and money laundering committed by McDonald’s Corporation and/or its subsidiary companies and/or its suppliers”. You can visualize the email I sent to Mr. Rogalski by clicking on the following link:

( is NON-OFFICIAL website on the FBI)

I am changing my reference number for this case from REF_ECTHRWATCH_1_McDonalds_frauds_and_money_laundering to USA-v-McDonalds-pattern-of-racketeering-activity.

Since I realized that McDonald’s Corporation and its subsidiary companies, and its suppliers, have engaged in, and/or condoned, a pattern of racketeering activity as defined in 18 U.S. Code § 1961, I believe the reference USA-v-McDonalds-pattern-of-racketeering-activity better reflects the crimes committed by McDonald’s Corporation, its subsidiary companies, and their accomplices.

In the next email, I will send you a two-page Statement of Facts Mr. Lehman, an American lawyer based in Beijing, asked me to write.

This email is BCCed to French law professor Yves Strickler. I will keep BCCing future communications to Professor Strickler.

Yours sincerely,

X. (Anonymity granted by decision of the Court)
Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
December 28, 2022, 14:49 Beijing time (+0800)

Click on this link to visualize the original email: 2022-12-28_1449_0800_email_to_fbi_new_reference_Redacted.pdf

Vincent B. Le Corre

I am the key witness and whistleblower in the major criminal RICO case targeting McDonald’s Corporation and their accomplices for fraud, money laundering, and corruption of foreign officials and magistrates. Initially granted anonymity by the European Court of Human Rights (Rules 33 and 47 of the Rules of Court), I made the decision in August 2023 to temporarily go public with my identity. This decision, driven by concerns for my own safety and that of my loved ones, was taken despite the potential risks, hoping it will be temporary only and that I can return to anonymity soon.